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Benefits of Hay – from the experts at Oxbow

Digestive Health  – The fiber in hay facilitates the constant digestive movement that small herbivores need to maintain digestive health. Providing grass hay mimics the foraging activity small herbivores would perform in nature, making hay the ideal material to support digestive health.

Dental Health –  Small herbivores require constant chewing of fibrous foods to provide proper, necessary dental wear. Hay is the ideal material to serve this important function. A diet with insufficient hay can lead to dental issues including disease, tooth elongation and malocclusion.

Mental Health –  Hay encourages the natural foraging behaviors of small pets, providing an essential opportunity for mental stimulation. Access to a variety of high-quality hays provides different tastes and textures for your pet, keeping him active, engaged and healthy.

Responsible and comfortable bedding options:

  • Wood blocks

  • Mineral chews

  • Supplements

  • Toys with purpose

  • Cages


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