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Fun Facts About Goldfish

  • Goldfish should live in a large tank; a 20-gallon tank for one to four small or medium fish is recommended for first-time fish owners. The large tank makes it easier to maintain healthy water conditions.

  • The first goldfish came from China. They descended from carp after fish owners began selectively breeding their carp to try to get more fish with a gold color.

  • Goldfish have teeth in their throat, near the bases of their gills, called pharyngeal teeth, which help them crush their food.

  • Goldfish do not have eyelids, so their eyes are always open, even when they sleep.

  • Contrary to popular belief, a goldfish’s memory is much longer than three seconds. In fact, some experts believe they can remember things up to three months. And, they can learn to recognize and keep track of when they can expect to be fed throughout the day.

  • Forget swimming around in boring circles. Goldfish can be trained to swim through hoops, swim backwards and more!

  • Goldfish are music snobs. They can discern differences between songs by different composers!